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About Me

Hi I'm ashn. I am a professional software developer and hobbyist hardware tinkerer with an interest in systems programming, embedded development, and programming language design. I am currently employed as a software engineer in the automotive industry working on charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Outside of work I enjoy creating free and open source software for POSIX systems, some of which I blog about on this site.

Information for Potential Employers

I have over half a decade of experience writing C as a hobbyist and over three years of experience writing C and C++ in a professional setting. I have spent the last two years at my current company writing C (embedded), C++, Python (mainly tools), and lots and lots of shell scripts. I tend to work primarily on and with Linux-based platforms, although I do have some experience with application development for Windows Desktop, and I maintain our Windows CI infrastructure. I run Linux (usually some flavor of Debian) on my personal machines and cloud instances, but would be comfortable working in other POSIX environments.

Selected Projects

Additional projects can be found under my projects page, listed by date of initial release in reverse chronological order.

For privacy reasons I use separate contact information for public and private communication channels. Potential employers, please contact me using the personal email (preferred) or phone number listed on my resume.