file: example.c

This is a C source file used to test cdoc.

license: 0BSD

function: swap

Exchange two objects of equal size.

param: p1

Pointer to the first object.

param: p2

Pointer to the second object.

param: size

The sizeof both objects.


Objects p1 and p2 may point to overlapping memory. E.g swap(&foo, &foo, sizeof(foo)) is valid.

struct: string

POD type representing an array-of-char with a known size.

struct string
    char* data;
    size_t size;

union: foobar

A data packet sent over the wire from FooBar Inc.

enum: color


Add more colors.

typedef: colour

Convenient typedef for non-American software engineers.

function: get_color

Cdoc should be lenient with whitespace. Any amount of indenting should be allowed. Even with tabs.


My favorite color.

macro: M_PER_KM

macro: KM

Convert meters into kilometers.


256 is a computer-ish number, right?

variable: foobars