[2023] oat : A small framework for 2D desktop and web game development. Written in C99 but designed with binding generation in mind.
[2023] raylib-sunder : Automated Sunder binding generation for raylib.
[2023] SundOS : Bare bones "hello world" x86-64 kernel written in Sunder.
[2022] The Tart Markup Language : A procedural markup language designed for customizable document preparation.
[2022] Braille Pattern Graphics (Sunder Port) : Port of Braille Pattern Graphics to Sunder. An exercise in library development from the perspective of a Sunder user.
[2021] Braille Pattern Graphics : 2D graphics library using braille patterns.
[2021] Braille Apple : Bad Apple rendered from the terminal using braille patterns. See the video comparison here!
[2021] The Sunder Programming Language : C-like systems programming language and compiler for x86-64 Linux.
[2021] monkey-python : Python 3 implementation of the interpreter for the Monkey language from Thorsten Ball's Writing an Interpreter in Go.
[2020] Conway's Game of Life : Made for the 2020 OLC Code Jam.
[2020] Scratchpad : Literally just a blank <textarea>. This is unironically the project I use most on a day to day basis.
[2020] autil : Single header files containing functions and data structures for rapid application development in C99 (or later).
[2020] bfi : Brainfuck interpreter written in C99.
[2020] cdoc : C documentation generator written in C99